Colors make candle visually appealing. Candle dyes are used to change the color of your candles.

Candle dyes are not actually true dyes as as they do not change the color of the wax. Instead, candle dyes become evenly suspended throughout the candle and thus give the illusion of color. Candle dyes are formulated specifically to be evenly distributed throughout your candles.

Some people use crayons to add color to their candles. Although you can do this, crayons have not been formulated to evenly distribute the color throughout the candle. If using crayons to add color, then you will need to constantly stir the wax to ensure the color created by the crayon doesn’t sink to the bottom. Sometimes, the sediment created by crayons can cause the flame to sputter. Crayons are not the best method for adding color to your candles, but it can be done and many people use this method.

Wax dyes are sold in disc or power form. The discs are easier to use. It is suggested that you simply follow the manufacturer’s directions when adding color.

Do be careful though, the wax dyes are highly concentrated and if spilled, will then stain and/or dye whatever it comes into contact with.

Please remember also that color is affected by lighting conditions. Natural light shows a full spectrum of colors whereas fluorescent light affects the redness of a color and an incandescent light affects the blue of a color. Therefore, the color of your candles can change based on your lighting conditions.

It’s also worth noting that you can get a wax whitener to make the color more pale. This is great if you want pastel colors.

The most important thing to remember is that regardless of whatever coloring agent you use, the color agent must be wax soluble.

If you are using a disc wax dye, then you will find it advantageous to grate the disc first. Then dissolve it in the stearin before adding it to the paraffin wax. Remember, stearin acts as a solvent for dyes.

Remember also that colors can be mixed together. This gives you the option to create as many colors as you want. Please also remember that color tends to fade as the wax hardens. Therefore, it is always suggested that you do a test run if you are wanting an exact color. If the color is not what you want, fear not my candle making friends, simply melt the wax and add some more wax.

Finally, although we have just talked about adding color to your candles, it should be noted that you don’t have to add color! You can let your candles retain their natural color.


  • Colors fade as the wax hardens
  • Colorants should be wax soluble
  • Crayons can be used but wax dyes are better
  • Follow the manufacturer’s suggestion for adding color
  • Dyes are concentrated and so be careful you do not spill the dye

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