Water candles create astonishing creations.

When you make water candles, you take advantage of the fact that wax naturally floats. You use this characteristic to your benefit to create cloud like creations.

What happens is you will dip hot wax into water. When you do this, the wax will naturally go towards the surface. In doing so, it will not only cool rapidly, but it will create ingenious patterns. You can never predict what is going to happen and that’s part of the beauty of making water candles.

This method of candle making doesn’t actually make a candle. Instead, you use a candle that has already been made and pour hot wax around its base. Then dip the wax and candle into water. This creates a beautiful and unpredictable pattern around the base of the candle.

What Your Need To Make Water Candles

  1. Wax
  2. Candle
  3. Thermometer
  4. Kitchen scale
  5. Double boiler
  6. Bowl of cool water
  7. Tin foil lined bowl
  8. Dye if adding color
  9. Stearin if making paraffin candles

Step 1

  1. Line a heat resistant bowl with tin foil. This is to protect your bowl from getting wax on it.

Step 2

  1. Hold a candle in the middle of the tin foil lined bowl.
  2. While holding the candle, carefully pour some hot wax into the bowl.
  3. Be careful you do not burn yourself.

Step 3

  1. As soon as the candle is secure within the bowl, immediately plunge the tin foil lined bowl into another bowl that is filled with water.
  2. The wax will now begin to float and cool. It is at this point that the wax will create its patterns.

Visual Steps:

Kandall Wick Says:

This method of creating an intriguing wax base around an existing candle can take some practice or experience to get a better understanding of how wax responds when plunged into water.

As you get used to making candles this way, you will find that twisting the bowl in the water will further add to the results of the water cooled wax. You can also move the bowl up and down slightly. You can try various movements to see what happens.